Monday, August 31

You Make the Call...Triathlon...What Happened

This person was not the most popular in the house to begin with and when the "injury" occurred, we all rolled our eyes and did things by the book.

Going off on disability means you are unable to fill a role within the organization, even if that means sitting at a desk filing papers and making copies for 8 hours a day.

When we saw his picture in the paper it was like a slap in the face. Guys got vacation canceled because this guy went off and here he is running a triathlon?

I mentioned the person looked familiar and threw the paper back on the table. One look from the officer and she was like a flash of light to the phone. She called him and asked him to explain how he was on disability for a bad knee while running a triathlon, to which he told the officer it was none of her business.

Wrong move.

If I recall correctly he ended up quitting over this situation, instead of asking someone for trades, or arranging vacation to train for the sporting event.

I have absolutely no hard feelings, guilt or anything like that about the situation. He faked the injury, he ran the race, he got his picture taken. Had I pushed him down the stairs, then I'd feel bad.

If you said call him on it, you made my call.


Mike Ward said...

We had a guy off on a work-related disability (back) ... while off there was a front page picture in the hometown newspaper of him ventilating a roof in full fire PPE + SCBA. (!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy are you a closet pot stirrer ..... but I would have done the same very thing .....

I quietly mentioned that a co-worker who was off on short term long term disability had updated her facebook status to say she enjoyed her vacation to Mexico ... well lets just say she made a bad choice, and management was forced to make a decision about her employments status with us.

Just Me said...

Sounds familiar - similar incidents have happened here as well. And Happy Blogoversary, Happy!

The Bus Driver said...

i have a co worker right now who we suspect is out on "fakeitis"

Shasta said...

He probably cheated during the race, too. Glad to hear he quit.