Thursday, September 24

Attention all Companies

In case you were unaware, you can also access the Happy Medic blog from, or

If you currently access HMHQ from a bookmark in your browser, please take a moment to update the exhausting with a quick

This will make it easy for you to follow along seamlessly should I finally decide to expand the blog into a full fledged site. Yes, that was a threat.

Also, keep watching for details on the England Paramedic Exchange "the Project" and dates for EMS and Fire Bloggers meetups both in the UK and the US. They will be in November, exact dates and locations TBD. Want to join us? Drop me an email at and I'll update you personally. Or at least my secretary will, if Mrs HM will let me hire Scarlett. *sigh*

In addition, HMHQ was linked by a publication for our advice on Disaster Planning recently, so that will continue early next week with tips on how to plan for an evacuation. Remember, this is all adding to our binder we started after agreeing to finally get that living will sorted out, so just keep adding to that binder and before long you'll be prepared for anything.

That is all.

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