Wednesday, September 30

Facebook updates now rolling

Hey Facebook friends and followers, it's your cartoon fireman friend the Happy Medic here, now linking directly to Facebook. Used to be I'd have to log out, log back in as Steph Frolin, navigate over to HM's fan page, grab a get the idea.

And since we have been auto piping posts into twitter, and getting a good response, we decided to follow Fire Critic's lead and use an application called Networked Blogs in Facebook to crawl the blog and feed you updates without me having to do it all he time. This means you can follow the blog from the comfort of your Facebook status and make comments, like it or share it.

If you click on the image in the Facebook post you will be magically transported to HMHQ here at and have a chance to scroll through the 2nd alarm and mutual aid boards for the best fire and EMS bloggers on the interwebs machine, not to mention click an ad or two.

All this is in anticipation of making it easier for you to follow the Project, my and Medicblog999's adventures trading places and riding along to experience patient care across the pond.

Now you can hear about it on twitter, facebook and the blog readers, since the BBC will likely not be making our adventures into a program. We'll just have to change the world from right here on our computers.

For those of you not on facebook, who still have something called "free time," I'll try not to mention it much more after this, but I make no guarantees.


Michael Morse said...

I admire your ability to navigate all of these things. I can barely keep up with my blog!

The Happy Medic said...

Of course the funny part is it isn't working this morning...go figure.

The Bus Driver said...

whats your facebook addy? i'll add you.

The Happy Medic said...

Bus Driver, you can fan "the happy medic" or send a friend request to "Steph Frolin." Then you can follow along right there in your bus.

Ckemtp said...

Am I still the only guy in the world who doesn't have a facebook?

Gkemtp(it) does, but I don't... yet.

So... how does one... tweet?

Anonymous said...

Not the easiest of things to set up (thats the only bad thing about - no html widgets!!)
But think ive done mine too. Thanks for the tip!