Thursday, September 24

the Handover - 8th Edition

The Handover is alive! And for the next 12 hours my link bar will likely have all links to this edition, hosted over at Life Under the Lights.

CK has put together the funniest. calls. ever. and did a fantastic job. Anything with a one armed fisherman joke, sign offering a free cat and stories about human urination can't go wrong. Right?

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Ckemtp said...

I even added explosions and the possibility of bikinis! All on your recommendation I might add... Sly bit of advice, that.

That and your mention of piggyfish.

Although, didn't Gaddafy, kaddafee, or whatever dictator Libya has mention the coming fish flu??? Hmmm

Word verification: rehooffi
- The correct spelling of the dictator's name