Monday, September 14

It's a funny squeaky sound

You need only watch the first 20-30 seconds of this for the following dispatch to make sense.

Aunt Bethany from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a favorite at HMHQ. It isn't Christmas until Clark W. Griswald and family go through their annual disaster. I was temped to hold this post until the Christmas season approaches but I had to share this remarkably appropriate use of resources.


The caller states she hears a "Loud squeaking sound" from her basement.


Did I mention that I am so creative I have imagined every single one of these posts? None of them is rooted in any reality whatsoever, I'm that good.
Oh I wish I made this up.

The engine and truck companies arrive on the scene, code 3 I might add, to the large apartment complex where we are led to the unit of the reporting party.
"It's a loud squeaking sound" she tells us, causing me to smile recalling Aunt Bethany.

We head to the basement where we find a hot water circulator pump with what sounds like fried bearings. We explain that we can turn it off, but folks up on the upper floors may have to wait a while for hot water.

"I can't sleep with that sound, turn it off." she tells us and turn it off we did.

It was back on the sidewalk out front as the ladder came down (why not have a quick drill?) when a passerby asked me what the trouble was. When I told him what we had found he stopped dead in his tracks.
"Are you [expletive, deleted] kidding me? They called 911 for a noise? Are they retarded?"
"Sir I can make no statements as to the mental well being of our clients, what with privacy concerns and all."

He smiled and went along his way. I, unfortunately, had 14 more calls to run before that shift was over.


Big Show said...

on the bright side, maybe you found one of the few people that actually knows what 911 is for!

Triple Beeper said...

Sweet. One citizen on our side... only hundreds of millions more to go. When I first started working at dispatch, the things people called for floored me. Now I just feel bad when I have to follow a dispatch up with "No, I'm not kidding. I'll bake you a treat for going on this crap."

Fink said...

Lol :) How did that warrant a lights and bells response?

Props to the passerby.