Monday, September 21

Milk dripping from my nose

We added a new CE source awhile back and they recently earned a permanent spot in the CE group.

Take a big sip of milk and click on this link to the most recent post at Ugly Things for Sale entitled, "There is nothing about this post I don't like"

I haven't laughed like that since they tried to convince me the King tube is better than the combitube.

This is good for 48 CEs for the author of that blog.


Speaking of CEs, I've added Rogue Medic to the Mutual Aid Board, but will also give CEs for his insightful posts and unyielding desire to CITE HIS SOURCES when making an argument. I find people who make claims they can back up fun to read and great to learn from.

By the way, your CEs are only good for your Happy Medic refresher, so no more emails asking for the certificate provider number for your National Registry. Even though I'm sure they were a joke, I just wanted to set some ground rules for you new folks. Both of you.

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mrs. fuzz said...

I've been MIA for a while. The site looks good. I think this banner is my fave. i have another site for you if you don't already know about it.

you won't be disappointed.