Wednesday, September 2

The PD to FD Translation book

No offense to my BIBs (Boys in Blue) but some of the CYA stuff we get called on is starting to wear thin. Every time you chuckle when we ask you to clear a scene evens out when you call me for a "red cheek" from a slap that "just needs to be cleared."

We all do it to ensure everything necessary has been done for our clients. That being said, let's see what we really mean when we communicate.

When the PD says:
"Send an ambulance code 3, this guy is out cold."

What they really mean:
"I have actual police work awaiting me, get someone here to get this drunk off the street before they call back."

When the PD Says:
"We need a psych hold."

What they really mean:
"I am not putting this bag of nuts and bolts in my car."

When the PD says(When I've barely started my assessment):
"Is this a transport?"

What they really mean:
"I'm not taking her to jail, so..."

When the PD says:
"We just need an eval, he says he got hit."

What they really mean:
"This guy can sue us and me if I don't offer to get him help for what is clearly a non emergent injury. Sorry."

And when the PD says:
"I'm releasing you so you can go to the hospital and get checked out, OK?"

What they really mean:
"Your hospital is nowhere my beat. Get out of my hair, there is way less paperwork. For me."

Before all my BIB readers get upset, the reverse is just as true, just as retarded, and will be posted soon.


Fire Critic said...

Hey Happy,

This has nothing to do with this post, but you might have overlooked something I did. The linkwithin widget offers 3-5 stories. I was able to re-up with them and get 5 stories for one of my blogs, but for FireCritic I had to email them to get them to change the internal code. Check it out on my blog...I think it looks a little better with 5 across that 3 across.


Capt. Schmoe said...

I don't know happy, when MC see this it might be game on!!

The Happy Medic said...

He's off duty with the new baby. I'm cool. It's TWT I need to worry about.

Bitter Blonde said...

Aw, we would never do anything like this. Oh, bull. We do it in the jail and on the street and we laugh about it. Then I go to work at the FD and the city cops ruin my life and laugh about it. No wonder the shift commander thinks I'm bad luck . . .

Michael Morse said...

EMS does seem to be where the buck stops.

the observer said...

We at the hospital call it "The get out of jail free card." Po Po always drops minor charges if the miscreant goes to the ED, cause they don't want to sit with him while his ESI level 4-5/green self waits. Most of these "patients" are drunk and most unlovable.

Just an RN's point of view!

p.s. love the blog--former EMT.