Sunday, September 13

Sunday Fun - For the Firegeezer

When I got my phone I didn't care if it had a camera. When I bought my camera I didn't want it to have a phone. Now that I've found myself in a few places wishing I had my camera only to have my phone, I will pay more attention.

While sitting fire watch on a large industrial fire from a few days earlier, our engine company was doing the obligatory orientation to entrance, egress and safety issues when I peaked into one of the warehouses and saw a sad sight. The sight captured by my sad little camera phone.

In the middle of the picture is a kitchenette with a two pot Bunn-o-Matic which completely melted down the front of the cabinets. The unit itself survived, but the bottom pot seems to now be stuck to the lower cabinet. The excessive light is from a section of collapsed roof, hence my inability to get closer for a better shot.

But I saw this and thought of Firegeezer's nice clean 4 pot Bunn on his Facebook avatar and I shed a tiny tear for this coffee maker.

Poor thing never had a chance.

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Capt. Schmoe said...

Do rookie warehouse workers have to make sure there is fresh coffee? Or is it the geezers?