Monday, October 12

Attention all Companies

The mandatory reading assignment for this week is waiting for you at Ambulance Driver's in response to another excellent post by Rogue Medic and the comments that followed.

Another example of the need to restart this trade as a Profession and lift ourselves out of this "patch and tan box" mentality so many of us are still stuck in. Reboot the entire system. EMS 2.0.


brendan said...

They need to take their act on the road together.

Rogue Medic said...

Happy Medic,

Thank you for the link and the kind words.

Rogue Medic said...


They need to take their act on the road together.

If only there were that much interest in the topic.

There are some advanced airway courses that do travel, such as SLAM - Street Level Airway Management. They tend to be preaching to the choir, because anyone smart enough to realize that they need extra practice, does not generally disagree with what I write, and probably with what AD writes, but he can comment for himself.

The EMS conferences usually have advanced airway courses in their preconference offerings, so that is another form of touring airway show..