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Sunday, October 4

Sunday Fun - Kids + Fire Trucks = Blog?

While wandering the interwebs for a completely unrelated post on robots (Just go with me here) I came across something fun.

Kids Firefighter Blog was started by a family who had trouble finding a single site as a resource for kid friendly toys, information and activities related to the fire service. They cover coloring books, regional activities, lego, you name it, if it relates to kids and fire trucks, chances are it's in there.
I especially enjoyed this photo series of classic fire apparatus built with Legos. So close to my 900 series, I had to post a pic.

With so much going on around the Project, I've been neglecting my traditional Sunday Fun stories of the tradition of our Profession. Until I get my piece on red lights finished, visit our new 2nd Alarm Company firedaily.com.


Bitter Blonde said...

That is truly awesome . . . I was never that talented/creative with my LEGOS.

mrs. fuzz said...

Love this. Did you give them any links or tips from a real firefighter?

now only if there was a blog like this devoted to all things police. . . .

Smitty said...

Check out Fire Brigade from Legos. The Fire Brigade is an old school firehouse with a 1930’s-style fire truck. However, it is $150! Pretty cool, except for the price.

Risqi Risqi said...

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