Monday, October 12

You Make the Call...Line Up...What Happened

This was a giant Duh moment really. We later discovered the officer was doing his final day of FTO before getting out on his own and we were being used as a partial prank.
The Sergeant stuck his head in the back door a few moments later laughing, apologizing for the seriousness of the request, they expected him to smile and laugh instead of actually ask us about the line up. The superiors had intentionally waited until both men were on the boards before telling the rookie about the suspect in custody.

Seems they realized our clients were far to inebriated to make a reliable ID.

If you said "You're kidding right?" You made the right call.

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Anonymous said...

uptieI LOVE those types of jokes! Could have been better if the FTO informed you before hand. Come on fire service is full of jokes like that (especially to rookies).