Engine 51 taking shape

Today was my second day helping to set up the newest Engine Company in the SFFD, Engine 51 in the Presidio. Today was day 4 of the new services provided and the contractors working at the old firehouse are flying. Last I saw the house it was still dirty and disorganized. Today the painters were touching up while the flooring folks were starting on the final rooms.
I'm collecting photos to put together in a before and after post, so keep an eye out for that.
My next scheduled day on the Engine is after we are all moved in, so that will be interesting for sure!

New paint, new flooring, clean cabinets and bed frames.

The rest is up to us.

Not "us" the SFFD, but "us" the 15 Firefighters, Paramedics and Officers staffing the Company.

This morning we heard word that some of the other firehouses around the City have pledged to donate extra pots, pans and some plates and cups to us to help get us going.

It really is like one big family out here.

And in related news, some of the firefighters previously employed by the Park Service started an abbreviated SFFD Academy this morning.