List of threes

I have another three lists of three things for you.


3 Things that don't belong on pizza:

1.  Fish

2.  Fowl

3.  Fruit


3 Things I love to hear on the radio:

1.  Working fire

2.  It's a girl

3.  The San Francisco Fire Department would like to congratulate and thank (insert name here) for 30 years of service on today, thier last shift.


3 things I should be doing instea of blogging:

1.  Working out at the gym

2.  Playing with the kids

3.  Working on the house


Timothy Clemans said…
WTF at the last list of threes. If you stop blogging where am I supposed to go to read about EMS 2.0?
Technicalbuddha said…

Pineapple is perfectly acceptable on a supreme pizza !!
Thehappymedic said…
Negative Ghostrider. No grapes, no apples, no kiwi and no pineapple.
John Broyles said…
there's a certain @avatarpenguin who will disagree wit you on that.
J B said…
Foiled again !

I must consult my Edgar Cayce book !

(T.B. here !)
Too Old To Work said…
So, I guess you don't want me to get you Anchove, BBQ Chicken, Pineapple Pizza next time we meet?
J B said…
What about that canadian bacon and pineapple?

What is the reasoning behind this?!!! Pineapple and Pizza was a match made in heaven !