Well gentle readers, you may have noticed a slight change in the blog in the last few days.

OK, a touch more than slight.

Happy Medic is no longer linked into the Fire EMS Blogs Network, but settling in here at the new First Responders Network.

The guys at Fire EMS Blogs invited me in at the very beginning and being a part of their network was awesome. There I was amongst some of the best bloggers out there, my little link popping up on the pages of AmboDriver, FireGeezer, Statter911, Life Under the Lights...the list goes on and on and on. They have added literally dozens of bloggers since the beginning and it was a tough decision to step away.

It turns out the TV and Film industry is suspect when someone else "controls" your content. Even though the FireEMSBlogs folks never once edited, redacted or guided my posting (other than some really great links and suggestions, thanks) the powers that be outside our close knit blogging family saw my blog outside our network as a liability rather than an opportunity.
Countless times I have explained to folks the relationship between me the writer and the guys managing the network, but repeatedly I would get a blank look, a "huh..." and then no word.

So with a number of exciting projects on the horizon, I'm stepping away from FireEMSBlogs and parking my therapy experiment here at FRN. We're not as flashy or dialed in as the old network or, another successful network worth following, but this removes the only road block that has been voiced to us regarding other projects. Projects bigger than my ramblings about annoying clients but, rest assured, you have not seen the last of ol' HM.

The site has changed, both the look and feel, but the crappy content will keep coming. In just a few minutes I'll be adding another edition of the Crossover Podcast and things are right back to normal.

So keep your links to pointed right where they need to be, but perhaps check that RSS reader to make sure you have the new feed dialed in. Check the link at the top of the page.

Updates as they come...thanks for sticking around.  And if you think THIS is a big change...

I give you Justin Schorr on bass, Ted Setla on drums and Motorcop on lead guitar!

You ain't seen nothin' yet.


Too Old To Work said…
Good luck with the new venture!
Little Girl said…
I accept this change :D, and will not be playing the part of the disgruntle blog follower.
mack505 said…
Looks good, Happy! I'm a few days behind in my Google Reader; will have to double check that the RSS is still working right. I like the new look. Best of luck.