Random Thoughts of Anniversaries and Expositions

Expo is alive and well here in Las Vegas and the FRNtv team is at full alert.

From Thaddeus Setla and Chris Eldridge shooting and editing video almost in real time to Random Ward and Sam Bradley preaching the good word at the ZOLL booth, we're operating at full speed and the response has been positive.


In our booth and in our hearts is the missing team member Mark Glencorse, who's name still gets recognition as Medic999.  But since he can't make it...I've had to recruit a new buddy.  My new partner in crime, noted blogger and dapper dresser Random Ward, has jumped into the deep end by not just attending his first conference but manning a booth at his first conference.  Having someone else who can explain the heart and soul behind FRNtv and CoEMS while Thaddeus and I film product videos is a huge stress reliever.


We started early this morning and didn't wander off the show floor for nearly 8 hours, a fair days' work.  Some quick blog catch up time here and we're heading for the pool to relax.


In the meantime, a quick Happy Anniversary to my little therapy experiment here as 3 years ago today I hit publish on my very first blog post.


And the rest...as they say...can be learned at the 1:15pm session "How a Blog Saved my Life" here at EMSWorldEXPO.


See you there!



Hilinda said…
Happy Anniversary!
Wish I was there.  Glad you're all having a good and productive time.
Looking forward to more updates.
Joseph Schmoe said…
Three years! Strong work, Justin. A very successful experiment I might add.
InsomniacMedic said…
Happy anniversary! And keep up the good work... I wish I could have been there too! :)