Surprise You Make the Call - Prank

I read this story over at Curt Varone's Fire law blog a few days ago but it's really had me thinking.  Where does your prank end and vandalism against my property begin?

We've all done something funny at someone's expense which they didn't think was too funny at the time, but what about the situation in Curt's story?  Comment here, there or both.


Was that example a prank or something else?


You make the call.


Suz said…
That crossed the "prank limits" line.  Even if there were no personal animosity, it wouldn't be funny.  True pranks aren't malicious; if the victim can't laugh it off, even after taking a little time to get over himself, it's not a prank, it's a personal attack.

Pranks within an organization are a means of improving overall morale, for the good of everyone.  They establish camaraderie, solidarity and unofficial hierarchy within the group.  And in some cases, pranks are used to weed out those who can't or won't suck it up and laugh at THEMSELVES.  Such a stunt has nothing to do with the group; it appears to be pure personal malice.
Shannon said…
That is not a prank. That is something that was done when I was a teenager (25 yrs ago) to someone who royally ticked you off and/ or in retaliation. Not cool.
Jerrod Nash said…
That wasn't a prank, that was something done out of anger and jealousy by a guy that shouldn't have even been in a position to be jealous. It was over a woman, and the guy who did it (Adler) was married to someone else. Now what is he going to do since his name is all over the internet related to this thing? Keep his wife from talking to everyone in the fire community? Cut off the internet at home?

This should be a reminder to be thankful for what you have, and not be looking around for a new somebody to sleep with.
Jason Low said…
Pranks don't cause damage.
Nick said…
And if they do, it's reversible or minor.

Glad Wrap (Ceran Wrap for you 'merkins) around someone's car is a prank.
KY Jelly on their door handles is a prank.

Sugar in the petrol tank is not.
Joe Paczkowski said…
Pranks are good provided a few rules are in place:

1. The prankster has to be willing to help clean up.

2. No damage. (Provision: Minor/mild damage is allowed provided the prankster is willing to reimburse/replace the item AND no sentimental value is at steak).

3. There must be at least some willingness for the person being pranked for hijinks.

4. For coworkers/places of business (especially emergency services), it can't degrade the ability to respond or professional appearance. The old flour in the vent of the ambulance or petroleum jelly under the door handle may be funny, but not appropriate.
Benjamin Miller said…
No....that is not a prank.  That is just vandalism.

Wait a sec......
Did we ever get the "answer" on the You Make The Call for the kitchen/restaurant fire?
Or did I just miss it?