The more things change...

The more they seem to, well, change.


Oh, look at the new theme.  He seems to change it every few months like a balding man in his 50s trying to choose a new trophy wife.

Well friends (all 3 of you, plus mom.  Hi mom) I was finally forced to take this therapy experiment of mine into my own hands.  Since she first launched in 2009 on blogger, then moved to FireEMSBlogs, then to First Responders Network, someone else has been managing the framework of this internet thing for me.

That's just how the cookie crumbled and I found myself looking at an odd screen this morning saying my content did not exist.  I emailed Ted Setla to ask what happened and as I hit send my heart jumped into my throat.  A year ago he told me I would have to manage this site on my own.  I agreed.  Then I flaked.


So, the theme has changed and some of your familiar stuff may be gone, but the content is still all me.  Better or worse, there you go.

So please excuse the dust as I likely tinker with the site like I did in the early days when we discussed NHS with Mark, argued with Montera and Rogue about Medics on engines and roomed with Randy, Kaiser and Saling (Not together mind you, that party would collapse the universe as we know it) at conferences.

Maybe the content will improve to the level it was back then?  I wish...

Speaking of conferences, catch me at FDIC again this year in Indianapolis speaking on MCI response.  I am honored to be selected for the second year in a row and hope to see you all there!


See you at the big one,