Seizures! Seizures Everywhere!

I have a magical super power.

No, really, I do.

I can tell when people are sick and when something else is going on.  I get paid well to do it and am told I'm not horrible at it.

When driving lights and sirens to the scene of a reported "Seizure, Active/Multiple" my mind is reviewing our treatment guidelines.  I am already drawing up the medications in my mind and am sure to grab an extra vial on my way in to back up my medics already on the scene.  As I begin the stair climb to their level I hear on the radio "We need Police here ASAP!" and a woman screaming in the background. Apparently our seizure patient is improving.

Like most 911 calls for a seizure, there was no seizure.

"How do you know?!" you ask?  I already told you:

Magical super powers.

The patient wasn't presenting with the physical symptoms of a person who had a seizure.

The patient wasn't presenting with the alertness (or lack thereof) of a person who had a seizure.

Her boyfriend trying to calm her as she fought us denied she ever had a seizure.

So I did what I do and asked the crowd if anyone saw what happened.

Just as I did a man stepped forward and "offered the power of prayer," while trying to enter the fray and lay a hand on the patient.  This was not helping, nor was his loud shouting like one of those millionaire TV preachers.  PD took care of him and I renewed my question to the crowded restaurant.

"I saw her have a seizure" came a confident yet slurred voice from the back of the crowd. A "Nursing staff member" told us he saw the seizure, then described to me someone having an emotional response to a crowded flight.

"So no shaking?" I ask already knowing the answer. "No."

"No postictal period?" "Um, I don't think so."

I dragged the boyfriend from his completely useless role of whispering at a woman who was screaming obscenities at a half dozen public safety professionals and pulled him back to a wall.  His pupils told me all I needed to know.

"What did you guys take and did you get it from someone you trust?"


I still have no idea why people ingest some things, especially before flying, but when our suspicions were confirmed I was able to pass along the information to the other rescuers and everything fit nicely into place.  She was cared for elsewhere and he was given instructions to sober up and never try that again, which I'm confident fell on deaf ears.

As I returned past the scene towards my car, glad I was always prepared for a seizure, feeling the meds in my pocket, I passed by the "nursing staff member" and the TV preacher.

"Is she OK from her seizure?" he asked and I smiled and nodded.  The preacher simply stood in the middle of the hallway mumbling to himself, hands down at his sides but palms open.  The nursing staff member went over to talk to him but was never acknowledged.

Part of me wants to see the mini series based on the two of them solving crimes and getting into trouble together.  The rest of me went back in service.