What to do when the powers that be - just can't. Episode 99

I got 99 problems and this podcast ain't one.  Well, to be fair, consistently hosting a weekly radio show for almost 5 years is kind of a big deal and the fact that that show is now in it's third regeneration and hitting 100 shows says something.  But that's next week.  For now, let's discuss Episode 99.

In this episode, MC and HM discuss tips, tricks, and dare we say, strategies on dealing with a new boss.

The new boss could have been a rockstar elsewhere and been reassigned or simply put in the position with little to no experience at all. Bottom line is simple:

You're new boss may not know what he/she is doing.

How are you going to handle that moving forward? Will you be the go-to person or will you be the squeaky wheel/whiner that points out faults at every turn instead of trying to make it better for all involved?


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