Respond to the Rollover - Tales from the Interwebs

In response to a recent post, a reader has requested I share a tale from their history.  I offer this service from time to time since it can help vent frustration for what it is we in the 3 disciplines do day in and day out.  You can hit me up in a DM on Twitter or FB or drop me an email.  If I like your story I make it my own and forget you ever lived.

This tale comes from a person calling themselves "Double Dispatcher."  Is it true?  I wish it wasn't.  Some details have been changed to protect the innocent, you'll see who they are in the end.  I have also made their 2 sentence story far more dramatic.  It's what I do.



"Rollover with injuries, at the Target Store, 32500 Center St.  Units due Engine 23, Truck 16, Medic 201, EMS Car 2, Rescue 3."



We've been to a few decent wrecks at this intersection so the ears are up, the gloves are on and the beedoo beedoo is doing its thing.  Arriving at the intersection in front of the the Target we are met with frantic people in red polo shirts and khaki pants weaving between parked cars and waving us into the parking lot.


Into the lot we see no cars in odd places, on their sides, roof, in trees, or even crashed into the building.

"She's inside, cut up bad!" an employee shouts, then disappears apparently to put the Christmas Tree displays up. It is August after all.

Transmitting this new information we can think of no scenarios that led to a call for a rollover with injuries that could happen inside this large, two story Target...ohh well there you go.

At the base of the escalator, which has been shut down, is a small army of red polo shirts holding paper towel bandages to the arms and legs of an elderly woman who looks like she was attacked by a tiger.  Deep lacerations from the escalator look painful and we get to work.  Nearby is her Medicaid Scooter, shiny and new, on its side.


She rolled the scooter trying to ride it up the escalator.  In the apparent chaos and hearing the words "rolled over" "bleeding" and the address, radio did the only common sense thing and tapped it out as a rollover MVC.


The Truck was devastated they didn't have anything to cut.