CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri's Family on the first day back at school

California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Camilleri was struck and killed on a freeway in Northern California on Christmas Eve. Less than 1 year in the uniform I'd like to imagine his wife and young children were at least exposed to the love and brotherhood of the law enforcement family. If they weren't they sure are now.

Henry Lee from Fox KTVU, @HenryKLee on twitter, shared some video of the Camilleri children being escorted to school on the first day back after losing their dad. I've seen this a few times, mainly with older kids and prom, but there's an image Mr Lee shared on his KTVU site that not only hit me square in the chest it had me wiping my eyes.


The hustle in his step to ensure the wife of a man he knew less than a year didn't get rained on while dropping her kids off at school.  Some may say it's just a kind gesture but this photo struck me at my core.


This photo made me wonder who would hold the umbrella for Mrs HM if I fell.  For Mrs MC if he fell...and then the tears.  The simplest gesture became a profound moment not just of kindness but of exactly what the thin blue line on that flag represents.  It means that "just because he's gone doesn't mean we are too."

I look at this picture and I don't see Policemen escorting a family to school, I see a family... All of them together bound by loss doing everything they can to carry on.

Take a minute and just look at this photo.  Then go hug your kids.  Then go hug your spouse.  Then go put on your uniform and do what you love.  Then repeat.