the Crossover Podcast - Ep 141 - Fentanyl Meh or Monster?

In this episode, HM and MC welcome recently retired narcotics officer and DRE know-it-all, Keith Graves from Graves and Associates, to discuss the most recent topic du jour in First Responder Land: Fentanyl.

*Cue terrifiying music.

If you’re a cop and you’ve recently been mandated to receive training on the proper handling of Fentanyl and your department’s Powers-That-Be want you to be dressed in full hazmat gear when you search a car, you’re gonna want to play them this episode.
If you’re on the medic side of the aisle, this episode will give you a glimpse into the blue side of the topic when the guys discuss things with which you don’t concern yourselves…like searching vehicles, residences, and people.
For more information and training on drug-related concerns, be sure to visit Keith’s website, Graves and Associates! He’s an excellent instructor and extraordinarily knowledgeable about all things narcotic.

BOLO – None for this week. Give ’em a break…they actually produced a relevant show.

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