the Crossover Podcast Ep 143 - Take Your Physical Game to the Next Level

In this episode, MC and HM raise the bar (pun intended) and bring in Dr. John Jaquish to talk about his revolutionary gear, the X3 Bar.

Is it possible to triple your gains in a fraction of the time? Does this sound like hooey?
Seems the answers are “Yes”…and yet the guys think that second question/answer is up for debate.
As a matter of fact, MC is taking the X3 challenge. Follow MC’s progress over at his YouTube channel. There, MC will be documenting his experience with the X3 and will give you an unfiltered and transparent look at the gains he has made.  HM is taking no such challenge, he is a lover, not a fighter.  If that makes no sense, just will.

Physical health is something that is largely ignored in the Three Disciplines…despite all those calendars you see. Most cops, medics, and fire personnel aren’t in the best of shape. If they are to get the most out of the retirement, it’s time to find something that is easy, sustainable, and effective.  It may just be that the X3 is part of the equation.

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