I had a podcast

"I had a podcast" my voice will crack as I sit down in a ragged old chair, doing my best to place my cane against the little table next to it.
"We told jokes and drank beers" I'll say, slowly looking up into the corner of the room, clearly remembering all the moments I'm describing.
"Grandpa, nobody has podcasts anymore" one of the assorted grandchildren will mutter.
"SHUT UP!" I'll scream, waving a wrinkled finger at the group, not entirely sure who said it.
"If it wasn't for 35 years of sirens I'd know which one of you little jerks-"

No, really, I had a podcast.  It was called the Crossover Show and it was a Cop and a Fireman getting together to have a beer and solve the world's problems.  We did that almost weekly for almost 7 years.  Over the course of 3 seasons we recorded at least 6 FULL DAYS of content.  Much of it was laughing, telling war stories and arguing about stereotypes but we opened the dialogue between the disciplines.

Then reality set in and we realized the show was more fart jokes and less actionable content.

So we relaunched it.  The new show is called What's Your Emergency? and lives at WYEradio.com.  You can follow us as @WYEradioShow (the jerk squatting on @wyeradio has been inactive for years and Twitter won't release it.  Anyhoo)

It's still me and my cop buddy Motorcop but this time we've retooled the sound, added new features for you to become a part of the show and we're bringing on guests to expand our territory to any emergency, large or small, on or off duty.

Each show will focus on at least one core principle:
Emotional Health
Physical Health
Financial Health
Professional Health

and further delve into the topic in one of 4 phases

In a 30 minute show we can't tell you everything you need to know about planning for your professional career goals, but we can sure get a knowledgable guest on to get the juices flowing and get you motivated to make change!

So do us a favor, stand by for the new relaunch of your favorite podcast in early August, now new, improved and expanded to meet the growing needs of those of use who often say to someone on their worst day, "What's Your Emergency?"