My duty has been modified, temporarily

If you've been following my cryptic (and not so) updates recently you may have picked up that I had some surgeries over the summer and am finally coming out of the tunnel and find myself off disability leave and on every Firefighter's fear:

Light Duty.  Or, as they call it, "Temporary Modified Duty."  I can't pick anything up over 15lbs, can't sit for too long or move for too long...I feel mostly useless.

Nothing messes up a firefighting family than being thrust onto a 40 hour work week.  My drive home most days averages 2 hours but I've got a chance to actually be around when I need to talk to a vendor or answer an email from someone on the 40 hour work schedule.

Many moons ago I took the job at CQI and went to days with a tremendous opportunity to bring the system forward.

I'm not sure if I have that same opportunity here.

Because I was looking at taking another position just before the injury, my spot here at the airport was filled in.  So here I am answering emails, answering phones, analyzing a predicted 55% increase in passenger traffic over the next decade and what EMS resources should be planned and deployed, and other stuff.

When I finally do get home, I grab a cold lemonade, sit here and fire up the internet to see what I may have missed.

A lot.

More to follow...