Ask WYE 005: Does Law Enforcement Use Strike Teams?

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MotorCop explains to the Happy Medic the differences in capabilities of certain law enforcement agencies as it pertains to sending folks out of their regular areas.

  • Does your agency have a policy for automatically requesting help?
  • Do surrounding agencies know how to ask for specific resources?
  • Are you able to communicate with them on the same channels and legally discharge your duties as an Officer?


Anonymous said…
Small police departments and LEAs ought to do more to improve how they can operate with each other and arrange mutual aid. After all, if a small town has two police officers on duty, what happens if they get four 9-1-1 calls? To do that there would need to be more standardisation for how police departments operate, more training in working together, a clear pecking order and probably shared dispatch/radio systems as well.

Another idea is for the state police to have units that can be sent to towns that are facing (or expecting) unusually high demand. Particularly to deal with crowds or riots. Call them 'local aid units' or something like that.

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