Great Shake Out! Family Disaster Plan Teaser and a Stealth Angel Survival Giveaway!

Tomorrow, October 18th, is the Great Shake Out! a program to practice what to do in the event of a large earthquake.

While many of you may shrug your shoulders at an Earthquake drill because, well, you're not in earthquake country let me ask you this:
What do you need to prepare for?


Pretty much the first 24 hours following any disaster are key in starting your recovery.

That's where our Family Disaster Plan comes in.  An upcoming online course, partnering with the Motorcop Mindset and the What's Your Emergency Podcast, will have all the information and supplies you need to survive, evacuate, shelter in place and begin to recover.

We are currently building the course and want to make sure you know when it's available!

Our friends at Stealth Angel Survival have graciously donated a Stealth Angel Survival Kit for us to give away as part of the lead up to the launch of the Family Disaster Plan Course!

Here's HM unboxing the it and showing you everything you'll get in this compact kit-

All you have to do to enter is sign up for email updates about the Family Disaster Plan Course.  CLICK HERE to enter, the winner will be randomly selected from those who are on the list at noon, Pacific time October 24th 2018.  That gives you one week to sign up and share with your friends!