What's the expiration date on a shift trade?

Hey, internet.  Got a question for you, but first a brief background.

People have called me a "good trade."  Meaning if I owe you a day I pay it back as soon as I can and don't back out.

Got a phone call yesterday out of the blue from a medic I worked with back in 2010.  He says I still owe him a trade.  This was the first I heard of it and the first time we have spoken in almost a decade.  I checked the record and the computer does show him working for me a day in 2010.  However, back then we were booking a lot of 3 and 4 way trades meaning that you'd work for me, then I'd get Bob to work for you and I'd work for Bob.  The system didn't track it one for one, just if you are even, ahead or owe.

When I got promoted I had to pay back an outstanding trade to bring me equal.  The Assignments folks said I was equal, my ledger had me equal, I thought I was good.

So here's my question internet:

What's the statute of limitations on this and where do I go from here?


Unknown said…
When I got made I paid cash to get even with a couple people because a trade became out of the question and it was the right thing to do. If trades are held on the computer then you have to honor it somehow. After 5 years I think it fades. After 8 years asking for a trade is a bit ridiculous.