A Bleg...I need your questions

This past summer Motorcop and I re-branded and launched a podcast not only for those in the three disciplines, but expanded our shows to include disaster preparadeness and response as well as emotional and professional development.

One of my favorite aspects of the new show is the chance for our listeners to ask us questions via an app installed on our home page at WYERadio.com called Speakpipe.

It used to be that asking a question of a podcast meant recording an MP3 (somehow), then compressing it, opening up email, attaching it, double checking the address of the host, sending...it was a chore.

Not anymore.

You click on the little blue tab with the microphone on it and *poof* the app opens up and you record a 90 second voicemail from your laptop, phone or tablet.  Boom done.

Trouble is, many of our questions are law enforcement specific and I end up sitting in the corner eating paste while Motorcop expands on the topic of the day in expert fashion.  You could also say I'm staging...but that's his joke, not mine.

So I'm transmitting a bleg (a blog beg for those of you not around back in '08 when we started web logging) for some Fire and EMS questions for the show.

Doesn't matter your level of training, career or volly, public or private.  No names needed, no locations needed.  Need to vent?  Need to get something out and not sure how?

Well, let me get you started with this loaded question:

What's Your Emergency?