Want to give these new kids on the job a reality check?

Hey! You! You salty Frack!
Got 15 years on the box or in the firehouse and want to give these new kids coming in a piece of your mind?  We can help.
Motorcop and I are looking to do a special edition of What's Your Emergency Radio geared toward our listeners that are either considering getting into the Three Disciplines or are still a tad wet behind the ears...and this is where you come in.
We want you to be on the podcast! All we need you to do is answer one question:
"If veteran you could go back in time and tell rookie you one piece of advice, what would it be?"
Ah, you see, you were once one of these "useless new kids" and could have used some advice getting in.  Here's your chance.
You can skip all the "don't trust admin" and "all people are assholes" nonsense. We're looking for you to dig deeper. Reflect on your life and give your younger self some guidance on how to navigate a successful, fulfilling career.

INTERESTED? Good...here's how to get on the show:
1. You have 90 seconds to communicate with your younger self (Blame Rufus for the short phone booth ride. #BillAndTed). Be articulate and succinct. (That measn use your big boy/girl words)
2. Go to https://www.speakpipe.com/MC and follow the recording instructions. You don't need any special equipment or technical know how.
3. Start your recording by introducing yourself (First name, last name, code name, perhaps a unique yodel) and saying, "If I could tell rookie me one thing it'd be..." and finish your answer. (You needn't tell us what department you're with if you don't want to...but you certainly can!)
4. Fill in your name so we can thank you (use a cool nickname, if you like...but MC is taken).
5. Click "send."
That's it! Here are some insider tips to get included:
• Think your answer through...don't be glib or crass. (If you don't know what those words mean, you can skip the exercise.)
• Don't blather on about nonsense. This is your shot to go back in time and make things better. Don't throw away your shot! *unnecessary Hamilton pose*
• Headphones or ear buds will help the audio quality.
• If you want to record more than one answer, make sure to do them (record and send) separately.

There you go, easy as pie.