Paramedic who let altered Paul Tarashuck go finally fired

Finally.  But not for the reasons you may think.  More on that shortly.

I say finally because this is pretty straight forward, what with the body camera footage and all.

You heard MC and I discuss this case on WYE Radio back in March.  LISTEN HERE to get up to speed.

For those of you who skipped the link here's the basics:  26 year old Paul Tarashuck is found naked on top of a big rig on the side of the highway.  PD calls for EMS who completely ignores the obvious signs of illness (we know this because there is cringe worthy body camera footage from PD) and let's him go.  PD then takes him outside their district and drop him off at a closed gas station.  Paul is later struck and killed on the highway.

Paul deserved so much better than he got, we all agree on that, but is there a solution to prevent this from happening again?  Yes, nip this in the bud and hold those responsible to account.

That process has finally started.

Our episode was titled "Nakedness and shenanigans" to both grab your attention and to describe the scene, but recent reporting now has me applying the term shenanigans to the aftermath.

Paramedic Alison Harmon, the Paramedic of record for this incident has been sacked, nearly 8 months after Paul was ignored, but not for this incident.  Records indicate that Harmon was suspended for a week following the Harmon incident and had been admonished by the licensing organization and slated for demotion.

Enter the shenanigans.  From the story at WRDW 12:

"The state found Harmon in violation for abandoning Tarashuk. She was supposed to be demoted, but that didn't happen for months. Somehow there was an "error" and the demotion paperwork wasn't mailed out until 4 months after the order to immediately demote her."

4 months?  Demotion paperwork delayed?  Turns out her employer didn't fire her from completely ignoring her patient and contributing to his death, she was fired for taking back to her supervisor.

I am 100% not kidding.  Apparently in South Carolina you can let a man die and get a week off, but talk back and you're out of here.

The employer later said it was after review of previous behavior.  Yeah, no shit.

A man is dead because of the negligence of Alison Harmon and the Officer who left him half naked with no wallet or phone at an empty gas station parking lot in the dark.  Really not that hard to figure this one out.  Again, we have the video, there is no place to hide your horrible decisions.

Comments online bring up fatigue, EMS staffing, training and a number of other issues we should also be talking about, but let's keep this focus where it belongs for the short term:  Multiple people ignored an obvious fellow human in need and now he is dead.

Imagine if he had talked back.  Or been being given 4 months before getting a demotion. I bet he and his family would have welcomed those outcomes.