The Wounded Blue and the benefits you never knew you don't get

We had retired LEO Randy Sutton the the podcast this week and his message is one that needs to be heard by every Medic, EMT, Cop and Firefighter on the street or thinking about getting in.
His message is simple:

The protections you think you have if you get injured on the job aren't there.

True story.  After suffering a stroke in his patrol car, ON DUTY, Randy found himself fighting his organization for the benefits he always assumed were automatic.  He also shares stories brought to him from LEOs across America about being shot, having limbs broken, even the growing plague of PTSD and stress disorders on duty where the Department literally turned their backs on the employees.  In one case the Chief even said "It's business, it isn't personal."

So many in the three disciplines seem preoccupied with salary and retirement benefits they forget to ask about catastrophic leave policies, line of duty injury policies and what the procedure is for recovering from a job related injury.

I happen to benefit from a strong bargaining unit and when I got hurt last year the injury had already been deemed presumptive because of the kind of work we do.  I was placed off duty, disabled, and received nothing but support from my agency, rapid referrals through our medical insurance network and was offered a light duty position for recovery.

Most folks don't get half that.

In our rush for another 5% salary bump we forgot to make sure a broken hand while taking down a DUI driver doesn't lead to $6000 in medical bills and more lost wages.

Randy Sutton has put his soul into the Wounded Blue and you need to hear his message and share it.  Please.  It could literally save the life of someone you know.  Maybe someone you know very, very well.