Starting a business in the digital age - Dr John Jaquish of X3

We've had Dr J on the WYE Radio show in the past to talk about his success with the X3 Bar fitness system of which MC is an affiliate and has seen remarkable gains.

We talk with Dr J usually about the benefits of the X3 but this episode decide to delve deeper into what it's like to create a product in the digital age where the haters are a click away.
In this episode the guys discuss:

  • The science behind the X3 and muscle growth.
  • Why traditional weight lifting is inefficient.
  • Dr. J’s inspiration to create the X3 (just like MC, he’s a momma’s boy).
  • Why execution trumps simple idea creation every. single. time.
  • How to balance production of a product and its marketability.
  • How to deal with haters once you start achieving some success.
And that's not all! Dr J has donated an X3 Bar to GIVEAWAY!

Follow THIS LINK HERE to listen to the show and find out how to enter!