Kilted to Kick Cancer - Team Happy Medic

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and that means I'm not wearing any pants.

No, seriously.

For those who are new, here's how this charity works: 

 First, if you have a kilt (and why don't you by now? We've been doing this for a decade! hit up DNKE for a kilt mention KICKCANCER and save 10%). Ditch your pants for the month. Don your kilt whenever you can all month long and when people look at you twice or ask why you're wearing a kilt, tell them "I'm Kilted to Kick Cancer." Currently men have a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with PC and it kills about 1 in 40. It is the deadliest cancer in men besides lung cancer. Talk to your male relatives about their PC status. Take that info to the Doctor and be an active participant in your own health. 

 If you don't have a kilt, you can get over to DNKE and get one delivered for less than $60, or participate in our online fundraising challenge. If you don't think the kilt is for you (yes it is) click over to the Team Happy Medic link and thumb $20 to the cause. It's a 501c3 so keep your confirmation receipt for your tax pro.

Our overhead at the charity is ridiculously low so you know we will get the most kick for your kick in. See what I did there? If my wife and kids can put up with the kilt all month in exchange for a longer life with me, isn't it a small price to pay in the long run? Kilt up! Donate! Spread the Word!



Trish said…
This is a perfect idea and one I intend to er..spread for you by sharing your post. My husband plays in a pipe band so kilts are almost weekly wear around our adventures out, and of course during local Ren Fests. You've come up with the best idea to encourage PC testing. Cheers to you!
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