CISD with OK GO - Part IV

CISD - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

OK GO - A band

If you've made it this far you have had trouble sleeping, drinking, eating, sleeping, talking, walking, holding conversations, holding your've run through just about every human emotion trying to come to terms with the event that has caused you so much trouble.

We’ve covered the initial reaction – Don’t Ask Me How I Feel Part I, The Invincible stage of recovery Part II, then ask ourselves “WTF is Happening” Part III.

Keep in mind this could be a minor injury like mine, a serious injury like some friends of mine, a tough call at work, even a rough patch at home.  Anything can trigger a stressful reaction and much like a severe allergic reaction, there is no closing the feedback loop and we simply get worse and worse and worse.

As we've covered previously, reaching out for help can seem daunting at first, but it needs to be done.  No amount of internalizing will help you get through a stressful event.  Regardless of  what the thrice divorced EMS Anchor tells you about sucking it up, we need to address our emotions and understand them to recover.  It sounds all new age and touchy feely, and in a way it kind of is.  You are unable to handle somethings emotionally.  Only by understanding what and why can you later learn from it.

And when you accept help I mentioned a brief silencing of the chaos in your head.  Soon after that silence disappears something you do will begin to help you heal the emotional wounds that were opened.  You will wake up one morning without being upset.  You'll still be a might disagreeable, but like having the flu, you don't wake up healthy, each day just sucks a little bit less.  Then a little bit less, then a little bit less.  Then one day you remember being upset and smile, realizing that this too shall pass.

And then you see it in a different way, each part of your recovery laid out in front of you, but all the parts need to work together or else it stalls and you have to start again.

You can't keep letting it get you down.
But then, when everything seems fine...Here it Goes Again


Student Paramed said…
I flipped my car at 100kms an hour... I walked away with a single scratch. It was my first crash in 12 years of driving. I fight panic while driving on gravel, I freak out in the cinema when there's an accident on the screen, it's the sound I can't stand. I haven't bought a replacement car yet because I am so scared I will crash it. These past posts have ...given hope. 
Thank you Happy Medic. May you go on being as awesome nay, even awesomer than Ok Go.