CISD with OK GO - Part V

CISD - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

OK GO - A band

We’ve covered the initial reaction – Don’t Ask Me How I Feel Part I, The Invincible stage of recovery Part II, then ask ourselves “WTF is Happening” Part III.

Then we realized the healing process is almost complete in Part IV – This Too Shall Pass.

Well, here we are, all healed, healthy and past whatever it was that was stressing us out.  We went through the steps of recovery, from anger to denial to acceptance, but now we have only one more lesson to learn from the guys of OK GO.

Conveniently enough it is their first video that went viral oh so long ago.

In this funny treadmill video we learn the most important step of healing:

That this will all happen again.  And you should have known it would.

Just when you think that you're in control,
just when you think that you've got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.
Oh, here it goes again.
I should have known,
should have known,
should have known again,
but here it goes again.
Oh, here it goes again.

It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of the reserve.
Now through lines of the cheap venetian blinds your car is pulling off of the curb.

And this concludes CISD with OK GO.  If you are having trouble sleeping, eating, feel your moods are shifting, or are experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned in this series, please consider reaching out to a professional.  It's easier than it sounds and the future you will thank you for it.

At least we thought it was over.  Skip ahead 4 1/2 years... CISD with OK GO Part VI


Hilinda said…
Excellent series of posts!  Thank you for speaking up.
Lynda Otvos said…
May your words touch one who needs to hear them and may help be sought.

Here's to a safe future.
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