Product Review - The Magid First Aid Kit

I got an email a bit ago asking if I would review a first aid kit.  My first response was “no.”  What do I need a first aid kit for?  I’m a Paramedic and carry a second, third and fourth aid kit when I work.

It was later that week when I was at a local shop that I began to wonder what kind of first aid gear they had on hand.  I decided to ask the odd question of the kid behind the counter, “Where’s your first aid kit?”

“Um, I don’t think we have one,” was his reply.  I got out my phone in the parking lot and asked to review the kit.

The Magid First Aid Kit is the most basic of first aid kits but packs a lot of useful gear into a tiny package.

The kit is contained in a sealed rigid plastic box with a mounting handle and clear lettering gives away its function.  Inside is a variety of early intervention gear in case of a job related injury.  Now, let’s be honest from the get go.  This kit is not suitable for the crane operator at the new Trump Tower.  This is geared towards the mom and pop restaurant, car rental center or other business that doesn’t expect an injury, but may want to act quickly to address some common ailments.

The main benefit of this kit is, unfortunately, the biggest drawback.

We in EMS have all seen that beat up metal box that some businesses use for first aid before we arrive on scene.  You know the one, dented box, yellow tape, antibiotic cream that expired in 1988.  This kit is designed to keep unused gear sealed up and safe from being thrown to the ground in a panic.

To test this kit, I placed it on my workbench and went inside the house.  Then, in true Paramedic fashion, I pretended the wife had just slumped over unconscious.  I ran into the garage, grabbed the kit and opened it.  Everything fell to the ground.  Easily read was the first thing I needed labeled CPR mask.  It took 17 seconds of panicked tearing at the packaging to get it open.  However, in my panic, none of the other items were on the floor getting stained, opened or discarded.

Each item, except for the nitrile exam gloves (2 pairs) are wrapped in plastic to protect them from the nervous rifling hands of someone dealing with an emergency.

The next test, I envisioned myself with a deep laceration to the hand which allowed me only one hand to open the kit and the packages necessary to treat my wound.  Again I was met with the difficulty of tearing the packaging open with my teeth.

I thought for a good while about whether this was a benefit or a drawback and I’m leaning more benefit.  This kit is designed to be placed in a place of business and there’s a good chance someone will be there to help get the packaging open if need be.

The kit contains a good variety of first action interventions including:

Burn Dressing, 4" x 4"

FAGUIDE  First Aid Guide

Triple Antibiotic Ointment 6

Alcohol Pad 10

Antiseptic Towelettes 10

Woven Adhesive Bandages

2” Gauze Roll

3” Gauze Pads 4

Triangular Bandage with 2 Pins

Absorbent Compress 5” x 9”

Nitrile Gloves 2 PR

CPR Shield

First Aid Scissors


Ice Pack

Burn Cream 6

Hydrocortisone Cream 6

Adhesive Tape 2

Insect Sting Pad 10

Eye Pad with Adhesive 2

4” Bandage Compress

Eye Wash 4oz


The scissors in the kit are tiny and strong, not the usual giant EMS shears common in some other kits.  The tweezers are small and tough as well and won’t rust when someone inevitably spills the eye wash on them.


The boxes of items are color coded blue, green and orange.  The gloves and the CPR shield are orange,  the others are roughly sorted into bleeding and non bleeding emergencies.

Enclosed is a small, and I mean small, first aid guide that gives instructions on how to use each item in a given situation.  I would like to see it larger, but for the purposes intended I think it will work nicely.


In conclusion I recommend this first aid kit for small businesses, offices and other locations that don’t have a medium to moderate hazard level.  This kit really is the basic of the basic but can more than handle the everyday injury and have kit to spare.  And at less than $30, it’s a nice peace of mind knowing that the kid at the front desk can apply pressure to a customer’s wound, bandage it and put ice on it before help arrives.


Get yours HERE from MagidGlove.