Kilted to Kick Cancer's September Fund Drive has Begun!

Welcome to a pantless 30 days again this year my friends and thank you for helping make the last 2 years an overwhelming success!

You can donate to #TeamHM HERE and in the sidebar

This year Kilted to Kick Cancer is moving forward, not content with the measly $20,000 ish we raised last year.  Some of our bloggers and participants raised money by channeling their inner Trekkie or waxing parts of their body.

Others posted a link on Facebook and raised a few dollars from friends.  Every little bit helps, but it appears some of you need motivation.  A reason to take the 10 seconds to share the links or a few minutes to send in a few bucks so let me start off the month with the following blanket challenge to ALL the fund raisers out there:

If we can raise $50,000 in the month of September through the KTKC contest, I will let Motocop Tazer me.  Yup, I will ride the lightening for charity.

Are you telling me cops wouldn't want to donate 25 bucks to live vicariously through Motorcop as he tazes one of those lazy firemen?  Come on! You Law Enforcement types need to share this info and get fundraising!

Oh, you want more?  OK.

If we raise $60,000 I'll record it on cell phone and post the video on facebook.

Still not enough?

If we can break $75,000 I'll talk filmmaker Thaddeus Setla into filming  it in HD, edit it, slow mo the smile on MC's face and post it for all the world to see.

These may seem like unrealistic goals, but if you went back to 2010 and told me the late night idea to wear kilts all month would eventually turn into a world wide cancer awareness campaign I'd have laughed and laughed.


So take the first step in getting me tazered by clicking on the link in the sidebar and click off a couple bucks.  Then go find a law enforcement blog, facebook page etc and share this link.  Let's get some funds raised for Prostate Caner Foundation, Livestrong and BlueCure!

If I can wear a kilt for a month and get tazered by a cop to get just one man to talk to his doctor, change his diet and avoid/lessen his risk of cancer, shouldn't I?  If I can do all that, can you spare a few bucks to help?


Get Kilted!

Get Checked!





Gypsie said…
Totally Rootin' for y'all! I'm sharin around! I love your campaign and fantastic way you present male cancer awareness!