the Crossover Show - X3 Bar Giveaway

In this episode, MC and HM welcome back Dr. John Jaquish from  MC finished out his 12-week program using the Doc’s amazing product, the X3 bar.

The guys and the doc talk about new directions X3 is headed as well as the most undervalued part of physical training: Nutrition. (Would you believe the doc only eats one freaking meal a day?!)

Oh…and the doc has agreed to give away an X3 bar!!! That’s right! You can win your very own X3 and start making huge leaps in your physical fitness. Click the link above to enter!

In addition, MC and HM make a huge announcement about the future of The Crossover Show…that is to say, it’s done.

*Cue shocking music

Not to worry, friends, they’ll be back with a brand new show in a few weeks. New name. New art. New guests. New format.
We’re only moving up from here!

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