K9s For Warriors

As I've been puttering around the Airport trying to get all the professional dogs together for some crossover training I've been coming across some great information.

Some of that comes from the folks over at K9s for Warriors who are sharing some great information about service dogs for soldiers in an effort to address the staggering impact of PTSD.

2.77 million service members have been deployed since September 11, 2001 and it is fair to assume many of them have returned or will return with difficulties picking up where they left off.  As we've learned in EMS, stress and an inability to come to terms with some of our experiences can lead us down a dangerous road.  A dark road. A dangerous road.

Suicide is an increasing reality in public safety, taking more lives than on duty incidents.

In my experience there are few warning signs we would expect to come from someone considering suicide.  Fortunately, there is a way to begin to treat some of the causes of these feelings early on and help people out of the dark places they find themselves in.  And this solution LOVES belly rubs.

Pets teach us friendship, trust, love and responsibility.  The folks at K9s For Warriors are taking the lessons from our childhood about having a pet, applying some science and training and seeing some great results.

"To date, the program has rescued more than 850 dogs and 440 military service members, with an astounding 99% program success rate."

Having a pet to talk to, even though they don't talk back is powerful.
Having a reason to get out of bed each morning is powerful.
Being able to sense when their owner isn't doing well is powerful.

Go take a look at the resources K9s for Warriors has and do what you can to help them help those that need it.  Then go give your pet a scratch and say "Thanks for helping me in more ways than I thought."


Anonymous said…
Check out paws4people.org Not only do they supply dogs to vets but they have a program for first responders, something that's incredibly rare.