Sunday Fun - Dr Justin Schorr Collision Reconstruction Engineer - That's not me

I have a google alert set up with my name, who doesn't? That's how I learned that I had given a talk about collision reconstruction. That's not me.

There are many Justin Schorrs out there, believe it or not, and some of us are a bit more accomplished than you favorite cartoon fireman.  So I figured on occasion I'd introduce you to the other Justins so you can see what they've been up to.  Perhaps I'll organize a meet up.  We'd save a ton on name tags and confuse the hell out of the hotel staff.

So, meet Justin Schorr:

Dr Justin Phillip Schorr, PhD
Collision Reconstruction Engineer

He deals with what happens after a collision takes place, serving as an expert witness. This video, while the audio is doubled up, is fascinating to me, probably a yawner for folks like MC, but I enjoyed listening to the way engineers consider the elements that caused the collision and work to figure out how to fix it. It seems more and more often, removing the human driver is the solution.
This is indeed a fascinating topic...but that's not me. From the YouTube video:

Dr. Justin P. Schorr earned his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University in 2008 and earned his Master’s (2010) and Doctorate (2015) degrees (Civil Engineering focused in Transportation) from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr. Schorr has also completed specialized training in Collision Reconstruction from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety, Event Data Recorders (EDR), and he is a certified drone pilot licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Dr. Schorr’s most valuable training, however, comes from a lifetime of education provided by his father and grandfather – both of whom are Collision Reconstruction Engineering Professionals. Currently, Dr. Schorr serves as an adjunct professor of Civil Engineering at The George Washington University and is employed full time at DJS Associates (A forensic consulting firm in the Philadelphia, PA area) as a collision reconstruction engineer.