Straightened cot straps are all that matters

I laughed.
I cried.
I wondered what all the drama was about surrounding the image of the cot straps.  For those of you new to Earth, sun comes up in the East, sets in the West and some people have too much damn time on their hands.

One of them is mentioned from the source page (as far as I can tell) on Facebook, Train Your Probie.  It's your standard "get inspired to be a Firefighter" and "Aggressive interior is the only way to fight a fire" internet meme factory.  In all fairness, they are far more clever than me at sharing stuff, so credit where due, but this image and the caption they included is exactly what is wrong in emergency services these days.  Here's the image linked from their FB page:
Here's the accompanying caption, which appears to be from the page Admins:

"Have attention to detail and take pride in your work. A dying patient may not care but the point is that YOU care."
Written by and sent in from a solid brother who would prefer to remain anonymous.

A solid need to get defensive unless of course you know you're posting something just to get a rise out of the privates.  The cot on the left has the sheet tucked in and the straps all set out and ready for the next patient.  The carriage appears clean and serviceable.  The cot on the right looks like the crew stepped away after throwing a clean sheet on.  How long does it take to turn the cot on the right into the cot on the left?

30 seconds max.

Also note the wheels.  These cots were pushed in different directions to this site for this staged photo.

Now I know why Medic 99 takes so long to clear the hospital.  It isn't the quality of their sheet straightening, it's the need to show off.

Now let's have a chat with the left cot crew real quick.  Hey gang.  I noticed you straightened up your cot sheet and placed your straps real nice.  Great job.  Where's your pillow and blanket?  Why is your O2 tank installed backwards?

Are we paying attention to the wrong things?

Could we maybe do the crew from Medic 58 a solid and turn their cot while they're outside getting cleaned up after a crashing asthmatic while you're staging cot photos after your toe pain call?

Spare me the dramatic quotes about dying patients noticing a snapped sheet.

What they noticed was a less than timely response because you decided it was more important to share your perceived superiority than to be part of the team and set a good example.

Your meme got lots of comments though, lots of traffic to the page and I know that's why they posted it, but get over yourselves already.