What is Pride of Ownership?

A recent post had folks commenting about "pride of ownership."

Most folks are missing the point.

Pride of ownership is not how you react to the job, but how you inspire others on the job. 

Pride of ownership is not how shiny your boots are, but how you show others how to do it.

Pride of ownership is not that your Company's hose bed is the neatest, but how you inspire others to change theirs.

Pride of ownership is not how ironed your uniform shirt is, but how you notice another member's shirt is not and reach out to them...
...and ask them if everything is OK because their usual high standards have faltered...
...and they break down unloading a barrage of personal problems you didn't know about...
...and you help them anyway you can.

THAT is pride of ownership.

You want to excel in this job? Want to be a true member of the Fire Service?  Then do the things above.  Not because I've done them...

...but because they were done for me.

I learned from others because they took the time to show me how instead of degrading me with their perfection.  I learned more from their help more than simply their example.

Be like them.  Someone you know needs it.