Custom Lasercut Wood Helmet Shield Gifts

We in the Fire Service do love our tradition and what better way to celebrate it than a custom made wooden helmet shield!

My friends at Pew Pew Lasercraft reached out about what shields are most popular are are now offering CUSTOM printed shields in 4 common shapes.

Unlike the leather shields that you wear on duty, these slightly larger than actual size shields can now include all the characters, letters and symbols forbidden by the leather cutters.  Always wanted letters on your number plate?  Now you can. Ever wanted more than 14 characters in the text field? Now you can. While a custom leather shield can run you about $38 plus shipping, you can get a custom made wood shield for only $40 with free shipping (using affiliate code HAPPY).

Houston Style 6" Shield and keychain

Pew Pew specializes in geeky gifts and makes amazing Christmas ornaments, earrings and other items all using their laser cutter.
I always wanted to have a laser growing up.  This is close enough for me.

When you order your shield, use affiliate code HAPPY to get free shipping.

Did I mention the free shipping?

But wait, there's more.

This Black Friday through small business Saturday and whatever we're calling Sunday PewPew is offering you a FREE gift in addition to your free shipping - either an ornament or earrings. They'll contact you to give you options.

Here's how to order your custom wood helmet shield:
Click on this link and create an Etsy account or login. You can also goto and choose the "custom order" link on the left.

Choose your style from the 4 below, then include the text and numbers you want on each listed section for that style of shield.  Double check that you've got it exactly the way you want and PewPew will fire up the laser!
Sizes in the image not to scale.  Shields are slightly larger than their leather counterparts and some text/font/symbols may need to be smaller to accommodate all text elements requested.