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New on the job?  Know a Firefighter and looking for a gift?  Why not make it something they can actually USE on the job?  The items below are things I have used over my 24 years that make me a better Firefighter, Paramedic and have been used in the field, by me.

Channel Lock 87 Rescue Tool 
I used to carry a pair of lineman's pliers and a spanner wrench in my turnout coat pocket.  Not only were they heavy but I lost the ability to cut wires if I became entangled.  I picked up a pair of these cutters at FDIC many years ago and LOVE them!  One tool does it all and it fits in the pocket of my coat.  Makes the perfect gift for the Firefighter in your life IMHO.
Spanner wrench, snips (battery cables even!), gas shutoff, pry bar...and heavy duty!

Lightening X SCBA Bag 
If you've been a firefighter for as long as I have you know how a dangling mask on the fireground can be annoying, unsafe and annoying.  Did I say annoying twice?  Some coats come with a pocket for your mask and the SCBA a clip for the regulator, but a mask bag is a must!  The original version of these didn't have the reflective or the handles, which makes the Lightening X a great bag.

Wedge-It Door Chocks
Wood chocks are easy to make and stick on your helmet but don't always work.  These wedges are designed to be used on higher threshold doors and, especially, for use in the jamb over the hinge.  We used to clip glow sticks to these back in the 90's when they first hit the scene but now they come in bright green for easy recovery after a fire.  Especially important for the layout position on the Engine.  Push through a door and drop a Wedge-It, no worries about the Truck kicking out your chocks as they're pulling ceiling behind you, trapping your handline.

FoxFury Discover Tilt Helmet Light
I've worn a FoxFury Command Tilt (Shown in the image) for close to 10 years and love the compact design of the Discover Tilt.  Watch my review video for details and click the link to find out how to get one at

Pelican 3715 Flashlight
I used to carry a Pelican Big Ed Flashlight on my coat but really like the features on this 3715 I got from Pelican at FDIC.  It allows me to have bright light straight ahead as well as a setting where three lights shine down and illuminate your walking path, clipboard or just the scene ahead of you. 
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Stealth Angel Survival 
Browse their line of survival gear, tools and supplies. I reviewed their Survival Kit 2.0 on Youtube and gave one away!  More giveaways in the future!

Black Diamond X2 Structural Firefighting Boots
I wear these and have for years.  Incredibly comfortable on the fireground and with a great fit. Learn more HERE.

Audio Technic AT2020 Studio Microphone *
We started using these microphones for the What's Your Emergency Podcast.  They're XLR, not USB so we can run them into our new 6 channel mixer and balance our separate voices.  Makes the show sound great!  Learn More here and get yours!

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