Wednesday, April 1

Happy Medic's Identity

The time has come, fair readers, to let you know who I truly am. Mainly because I got pinched last night and the truth is on the way out and I wanted you to hear it here first.

I am not a firefighter or a paramedic, I don't work in a big city or drive a fancy "medic van." I'm a delivery driver in West Paducah, Kentucky and live in the parking lot of the local fire station. When they go on calls, I look through their dispatch logs and just make stuff up.

Last night I was out having a few too many and let loose that I was the Happy Medic. Some rival blog fan boys were in the bar and a fight broke out. I was so hammered that when they asked my name I told them it was Happy Medic. I tried using Motorcop as a cover, but dang it if they wouldn't let me have one twitter instead of a phone call.

My real name is Mitch Comstein and I've been writing this blog under an alias to protect my real life.
So before it ends up on celebrity mug shots, here I am in all my glory:

hehe - Phish concert goer arrested and posted at Happy April Fools' Day.


Bernice said...

Hawtness! Seriously... rawr!

Epijunky said...

You made me choke on my coffee.

And what Bernice said. Rawr, indeed!

MotorCop said...

Police impersonation is a crime. Shame on you.

the Angry Captain said...
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the Angry Captain said...

That's my boy. Dinner at my single wide tonight. You know the one with all the NASCAR flags. We'll put up your favorite Kyle Bush for you. Save your appetite for Mom's pigs in blankets.

Bad Boy in Blue said...

Looks like he needs a flea collar.

Anonymous said...

Me and Mrs medic999 have been having a right laugh at this one!! You had me worried a bit there until I got a little further down!
Remember though, I have only read it now at 11.09pm so in the good old tradition of the only april fools jokes count are those which are told/done before 12 midday, therefore as the saying goes:
"April fool has been and gone, your the fool and I am none"
Na na na na na !!!!

RRFR820 said...

I love your hair!

firefighter / paramedic said...

You remind me of an old friend that i have lost touch with. Judging by your appearance you might know him.. He goes by "Night Medic". Or maybe you guys will meet in a holding cell sometime soon, anyway tell him FF/PM says hello