Monday, August 10

You Make the Call...Hanging...What Happened

The guy who decided to wander to the shop window and peer in at THIS scene was more excited to see us force the door than he was upset at what he saw.

This situation shows the need for some practitioners to put every patient they find into "Annie's pose," supine on the floor. This is not always the best place for our patients and especially those that may need a closer look from folks who know more than we do about crime scenes. We are indeed the number one contaminators of crime scenes and I've only seen one TV show that showed it accurately. I can't find the episode, but on TNT's the Closer, the detectives arrive at the scene of a killing to a pool of blood and piles of wrappers and discarded equipment. The leader says something about how sloppy we are and I laughed.

This man does not need to be moved to confirm he is without life. A basic physical exam told us he had been there for hours (hence my mentioning he had been successful) and the EKG trace of asystole in 3 leads can be done in the position found. We unbottoned the shirt and carefully placed the electrodes, using the ladder that was in place.

The officers who responded with us were snapping pictures of the surroundings and the damage we had to do to the door to get in.

If you said let the Detectives do their job, leave him there, you made the right call.


The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

I suck at this game.

FireCritic said...

That is if you consider HM to be right ALL the time! Of course, I am talking in jest. However, I think that HM will agree that while the call might be right or wrong in his instances he speaks of, they might not be correct in every instance.

I only bring this up because of the great incidents, ideas, and situations which are brought up in the comments section. Mostly for the newbies who might be reading this..."never" is not a term we use in EMS and Fire! Every situation is different!

I do love the way that HM brings out each situation. Of course the answer, right or wrong, is about the situation being written about.


The Happy Medic said...

Hey Grumpy,
The weekly You Make the Call is mainly to get us all thinking about different ways to do things.
I have to omit certain details for "privacy" and other details otherwise the preferred course of action is obvious.

No points awarded for a "correct" answer, and no deductions for following your local protocols, which we should all always do.

Thank you for jumping in first FC.

The Grumpy Dispatcher said...

HM... and by the way thanks for sort of inspiring my screen name.... my first inclination when you posted the result was to argue about how you presented the scenario and why I should be right because I didn't have all the facts. Power dispatchers are used to being right all the time, you see.

But I remembered, as you guys both said, it is a training tool and a discussion starter, a game with no points to score.

I feel all good about my answers (even when I don't post them) and then end up seeing the 'alternative' right answer (read: different than mine).

So, it is meant all in good fun, but I still suck at this lately. Confound it all.

Keep it up. Discussion is good. Thanks.