Everyday Review - Ghiroad 1080p Dashcam

From time to time I'll break from bothering you with fire and EMS related products and let you know about something else I like and have used.  I've told you about Republic Wireless in the past, as well as a home first aid kit from Magid.

Today I bring you the following video, courtesy of my newly installed ghiroad 1080p DashCam.

I've been watching all those hilarious Russian and Chinese dash cam videos (apparently instead of insurance you get a dashcam over there) and wondering if they were worth it.  Last I looked they were $100, not worth it IMHO.

Next thing you know I see one on Amazon for less than $30!

The reviews are solid and I installed it easily.  It needed a 32gb card and I ordered that at the same time.  The packaging that came with the camera said that if I posted a photo of the camera installed and left a good review they'd send me a free memory card, but I've done plenty of those "review for a prize" offers and haven't gotten squat yet.  Camera and card for less than $40. Boom.

It uses a suction cup on the dash and I mounted it up behind the rear view mirror to stay out of my field of vision while driving. It also comes with a solid mount with adhesive strip, but only one power cord.  It uses mini USB, not micro, so all the extra cables I have laying around won't work, but I only need the one.

So far, so good.  As you can see from the video, we're not winning any cinematography awards, but if this guy had lost complete control at the end and hit the rail, then me, I'd have solid evidence that I was slowing for the hazard, he was the one out of control, and that the Best of the Kingston Trio playing on the radio is a fine choice for rainy driving.

170 degrees view means the camera sees more than I see, and at 1920x1080p means putting it up on the big TV makes the picture clearer than on the phone or even laptop.

The camera has a G-sensor (stop it...not like that) that automatically saves the file being recorded if the camera senses a sudden movement like a collision.  I drove 2.5 hours and the card was pretty much full and about to start recording over itself when I got it home to pull the footage for the above video.  It records about 7 minutes at a time, the video above is edited.

All in all, I'm enjoying having this camera running as I'm driving to and from work.  Also, turns out we may be able to save a bit on car insurance!  This thing could pay for itself!

If you've been thinking about it, do it.  Get this camera and a little peace of mind.  You may even get some fun videos to challenge the Russians and Chinese cameras!