Sunday Fun - Justin Schorr Artist and Educator - That's not me

The internet allows us to research anything our minds may envision.

I use it to look up my own name and see what people who share my name are up to.  You've met Justin Schorr the Firefighter (that's me BTW) and Justin Schorr the Accident Reconstruction Expert.

Today I bring you Justin Schorr, artist and educator, writer of a number of art books including The Way of the Painter, Aspects of Art and Towards the Transformation of Art, to name a few.

Born in 1928 Justin was a teacher and art enthusiast, his many books chronicling artists' impacts on the world around them and how the world impacted art.

Mr Schorr died in 2005 so there isn't much of a digital footprint to share, but some of the excerpts of his writings take me back to the dimly lit Architecture 101 class where the professor gave so much detail and background into the most simple looking things it made you appreciate said simple things that much more.

Is your name out there accomplishing exciting things?