Modern Blood Letters

Train explosion in Italy

909 - Blogger Error


You Make the Call...Round 3...What Happened

Burning through cash

Sunday Fun - Bugles

Down but not out

You Make the Call...Round 3

Round 2 - the Struggle

Round 1 - the Dispatch

the Whine De Jour

Locked out of common sense

The Handover, June Edition

You Make the Call...Electrical room...What Happened

Sunday Fun - Dad

Video of derailment

You Make the Call...Electrical room

Of sprinklers and fog nozzles

Job Security

Sneaking narcotics into prison

the Project

You Make the Call...Running Late...What Happened

Sunday Fun - the Google

The Ancient Ones

You Make the Call...Running late

The Brass is about

Do you ever...

You Make the Call...Drafting...What Happened


Sunday Fun - Behind the Curtain at HMHQ

How do you feel?

You Make the Call...Drafting


Epi_Junky has been deconned

Epi_Junky Quarantine

I am not deaf, nor do I carry antibiotics

A note on strippers and cocaine

In case you're tuning in late

You Make the Call...Expired Meds...What Happened